Whether it be organizing a trip to visit one of the first successful oil wells ever drilled ("Colonel" Edwin Drake's Drake Well in Titusville, PA) or standing at the forefront of today's Marcellus and Utica Shale boom, the employees of MidWest Land Services, Inc. have and seemingly always will be obsessed with the oil and gas industry.  We love what we do, and that's why we pride ourselves on being your premier land services provider - one that strives to uphold the professional standards of ethics upon which this country was founded while providing clients a gateway to prosperity that will lead them into a bright future.  Our services may not be unique in the energy industry, but the way we provide them certainly is!   

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Treating people like family is nothing new for MidWest Land Services, because we have worked side-by-side as if we were family since day one.  Yes, we are oil and gas professionals, but we are also people who share mutual bonds that go much further than just being co-workers.  From these bonds, MidWest Land Services forms a highly unique and talented team dedicated to achieving one goal: the success of your energy business!

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Today's energy industry is ever-evolving.  That's why you need a partner like MidWest Land Services.  We make the energy investment simple, convenient, and worthwhile.  As your full-service energy investment source, we are always on the cusp of the energy trends of tomorrow while being well-versed in the energy patterns of the past.  We understand how important your investment is, and that's why we make it a priority. We will be working everyday to improve your investment, because when you invest in MidWest, we invest in you.

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the ever-changing world of energy?  Maybe, you already have experience in one of the many positions that the energy world offers and are just looking for a change of pace.  Either way, MidWest Land Services is the energy career destination you have been searching for.  We are always looking for highly-talented, highly-motivated candidates who are eager for a career that offers competitive pay, benefits, and many opportunities to grow as a worker and a person.

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Part of being in the energy industry is that there are a great deal of misnomers associated with what we do.  Educating those outside of the industry about what we do, how we do our jobs, and the benefits of our work is more important than ever.  This is an obligation we take very seriously.  We work diligently to get the truth about our industry out to the public by whatever means necessary.  That's why we are especially proud of the fact that MidWest Land Services is not only at the forefront of the energy business, but we're also being recognized by media outlets for our work.  

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MidWest Land Services isn't just dedicated to investing in energy; we believe in giving back to the communities that work as hard as we do.  Whether it be benefit concerts, scholarship funds, educational institutions, mission trips, club donations, or any of the many individuals we have helped throughout the years, MidWest always aims to leave the communities in which we work better than when we found them.     

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